API Reference

Halo Analysis

The HaloCatalog object is the primary means for performing custom analysis on cosmological halos. It is also the primary interface for halo finding.

HaloCatalog([halos_ds, data_ds, ...])

Create a HaloCatalog: an object that allows for the creation and association of data with a set of halo objects.

add_callback(name, function)

add_filter(name, function)

add_quantity(name, function)

add_recipe(name, function)

delete_attribute(halo, attribute)

Delete attribute from halo object.

halo_sphere(halo[, radius_field, factor, ...])

Create a sphere data container to associate with a halo.

iterative_center_of_mass(halo[, ...])

Adjust halo position by iteratively recalculating the center of mass while decreasing the radius.

load_profiles(halo[, storage, fields, ...])

Load profile data from disk.

phase_plot(halo[, output_dir, phase_args, ...])

Make a phase plot for the halo object.

profile(halo, bin_fields, profile_fields[, ...])

Create 1, 2, or 3D profiles of a halo.

save_profiles(halo[, storage, filename, ...])

Save profile data to disk.


Set the bulk velocity for the sphere.

sphere_field_max_recenter(halo, field)

Recenter the halo sphere on the location of the maximum of the given field.

virial_quantities(halo, fields[, ...])

Calculate the value of the given fields at the virial radius defined at the given critical density by interpolating from radial profiles.

not_subhalo(halo[, field_type])

Only return true if this halo is not a subhalo.

quantity_value(halo, field, operator, value, ...)

Filter based on a value in the halo quantities dictionary.

calculate_virial_quantities(pipeline, fields)

Calculate virial quantities with the following procedure: 1.

HaloCatalogCallback(halo_catalog[, ...])

Plots circles at the locations of all the halos in a halo catalog with radii corresponding to the virial radius of each halo.

Halo Finders

The halo finders should only be run from the HaloCatalog, but the links below display the various settings available for each.

FOFHaloFinder(ds[, subvolume, link, ...])

Friends-of-friends halo finder.

HOPHaloFinder(ds[, subvolume, threshold, ...])

HOP halo finder.

RockstarHaloFinder(ts[, num_readers, ...])

Spawns the Rockstar Halo finder, distributes particles and finds halos.

Cosmology Observation

Light cone generation and simulation analysis. (See also Light Cone Generator.)

CosmologySplice(parameter_filename, ...[, ...])

Class for splicing together datasets to extend over a cosmological distance.

LightCone(parameter_filename, ...[, ...])

Initialize a LightCone object.

RADMC-3D exporting

RadMC3DLayer(level, parent, unique_id, LE, ...)

This class represents an AMR "layer" of the style described in the radmc3d manual.

RadMC3DWriter(ds[, max_level])

This class provides a mechanism for writing out data files in a format readable by radmc3d.