API Reference

Halo Analysis

The HaloCatalog object is the primary means for performing custom analysis on cosmological halos. It is also the primary interface for halo finding.

HaloCatalog([halos_ds, data_ds, ...])

Create a HaloCatalog: an object that allows for the creation and association of data with a set of halo objects.

add_callback(name, function)

add_filter(name, function)

add_quantity(name, function)

add_recipe(name, function)

delete_attribute(halo, attribute)

Delete attribute from halo object.

halo_sphere(halo[, radius_field, factor, ...])

Create a sphere data container to associate with a halo.

iterative_center_of_mass(halo[, ...])

Adjust halo position by iteratively recalculating the center of mass while decreasing the radius.

load_profiles(halo[, storage, fields, ...])

Load profile data from disk.

phase_plot(halo[, output_dir, phase_args, ...])

Make a phase plot for the halo object.

profile(halo, bin_fields, profile_fields[, ...])

Create 1, 2, or 3D profiles of a halo.

save_profiles(halo[, storage, filename, ...])

Save profile data to disk.


Set the bulk velocity for the sphere.

sphere_field_max_recenter(halo, field)

Recenter the halo sphere on the location of the maximum of the given field.

virial_quantities(halo, fields[, ...])

Calculate the value of the given fields at the virial radius defined at the given critical density by interpolating from radial profiles.

not_subhalo(halo[, field_type])

Only return true if this halo is not a subhalo.

quantity_value(halo, field, operator, value, ...)

Filter based on a value in the halo quantities dictionary.

calculate_virial_quantities(pipeline, fields)

Calculate virial quantities with the following procedure: 1.

Halo Finders

The halo finders should only be run from the HaloCatalog, but the links below display the various settings available for each.

FOFHaloFinder(ds[, subvolume, link, ...])

Friends-of-friends halo finder.

HOPHaloFinder(ds[, subvolume, threshold, ...])

HOP halo finder.

RockstarHaloFinder(ts[, num_readers, ...])

Spawns the Rockstar Halo finder, distributes particles and finds halos.

Cosmology Observation

Light cone generation and simulation analysis. (See also Light Cone Generator.)

CosmologySplice(parameter_filename, ...[, ...])

Class for splicing together datasets to extend over a cosmological distance.

LightCone(parameter_filename, ...[, ...])

Initialize a LightCone object.

RADMC-3D exporting

RadMC3DLayer(level, parent, unique_id, LE, ...)

This class represents an AMR "layer" of the style described in the radmc3d manual.

RadMC3DWriter(ds[, max_level])

This class provides a mechanism for writing out data files in a format readable by radmc3d.