The yt Astrophysical Analysis Extension

This is yt_astro_analysis, the yt extension package for astrophysical analysis. This is primarily machinery that used to be in yt’s analysis_modules. These were made into a separate package to allow yt to become less astro-specifc and to allow these modules to be developed on their own schedule.

Citing yt_astro_analysis

If you use the yt_astro_analysis package for your work, please cite the yt_astro_analysis entry on as well as the yt method paper. Feel free to use the text below in your publications:

Analysis was performed using the yt_astro_analysis extension
(Smith et al. 2022) of the yt analysis toolkit (Turk et al. 2011).

Analysis was performed using the yt_astro_analysis extension
\citep{yt.astro.analysis} of the yt analysis toolkit \citep{yt}.

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